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Media crises aren’t exactly new. We’ve been managing them for the past 5 years, but they were happening long before we started. The Jennifer Lawrence case is a textbook example brought into the digital age, the social media age, the “hide yo’ pics hide yo’ wifi” age. Indeed, cloud and mobile are a potent but equally deadly combination when it comes to privacy.

Back in the days of old (circa 2006), there used to be two main situations to be worried about: the loss or theft of hard drives and USB sticks containing information, and the betrayal of people from our inner circles (former significant other, friend, employee…). Today, we (and the celebrities) produce much more personal data and content than ever, on a multitude of different platforms, medias and pieces of hardware. Our privacy is therefore severely threatened, much more than it ever was. Who today can pretend that they have complete control over their personal data and are able to erase it if need be? Probably no-one.

We’ve been raising awareness on the topic: in the media, for our clients and all the people around us. The world is starting to realise the facts and is now more conscious about digital privacy, an example of this is the recent ruling of the European Court of Justice regarding the Right to be Forgotten.

Control over private data (as well as confidential data for companies) is crucial for every one of us, and the big players of the web will soon have to make a move.

In the meantime, feel free to take a gander at our latest infographic on the leaked photos affair: