Les 7 péchés capitaux du web
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We at Reputation Squad like to have a bit of harmless fun, and in this era of memes and kittens that are being spoonfed to us on a daily basis we also like to take a step back and analyse the changing ways of all things on the web, especially when it involves online reputation. No one is really sure what constitutes a sin anymore and let’s face it if the 10 commandments were to be rewritten today by “@Moses RT @GOD_ALMIGHTY” it might be somewhat different. Or not.


Orgueil - 7 péchés capitaux du webQuite possibly the most common of all sins on the web. Never has it been so easy to autocongratulate and advertise oneself. Facebook can indeed at times feel like the temple of self-appreciation, be it true or faked. What this means in terms of visibility though is that it has become essential to control the output of elements that may hurt your online reputation, and we’re not just talking pictures here, but any work you have done or piece of written content you have produced can and will be found. Also, selfies (ugh).



Avarice - 7 péchés capitaux du webWe like money. Money’s good. Whether it buys happiness is almost irrelevant, because who wants to buy anything anymore? We want free stuff, we really do. The music and film industries are looking like the desolate remains of a land that was once hailed as the cultural Eldorado, and I haven’t seen anyone paying for access to the news in a while. Looking for the best deals online has become second nature and the web provides the perfect tools for that, you can find vouchers for virtually anything these days.



Envie - 7 péchés capitaux du webThe flipside of the Pride coin, as it were. One of the characteristics of human beings everywhere is that it doesn’t really matter how much we have, as long as we have more than our neighbour (and thine’s, while we’re at it). Social Media has provided us with the means of showcasing every aspect of our lives, and opened a window on the daily routines of our friends and of celebrities. From a social point of view, the web exacerbates the social divide by making it so much more visible. Once again, reputation management of one’s online identity, be they famous celebrities or any regular Joe, is critical if only because information is so easy to find.


Colère - 7 péchés capitaux du webThe web has given a voice to many and the ability for anyone to Hulk Smash their way through any conflict with brands and corporate companies provided it is happening on a popular platform and that it is witnessed by many. Some disasters have happened, but lessons are yet to be learned by some. Angry reviews on tripadvisor, facebook comments, blog posts are a few things to be wary about. Online monitoring can help detect those online PR crises and should be a priority for corporate companies as well as for individuals who have a lot at stake online reputation wise.


Luxure - 7 péchés capitaux du webSome fun facts: at any given second 28258 people are watching porn. Porn takes up 25% of online searches. The most researched keyword is “sex”.  Need I say more.






Paresse - 7 péchés capitaux du webIf you don’t want to, you don’t even have to leave your couch anymore. You can even socialise via social media and Skype. Food? Order online. Furniture? Order online. Clothes? Order online. Entertainment? There’s so much music and VOD out there it will last you a lifetime. Plus, see above.





Gourmandise - 7 péchés capitaux du webTwo words: food porn, or the art of taking pictures of your meal before you touch it. It has been happening a lot, and shows no sign of stopping. You can’t actually eat the photo, but there’s a good chance you’ll soon be able to order the showcased dish at the touch of a button for a modest fee. Someone should get on that. I should get on that.